Semi-Presidential Republic
Population: 65.3 million
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Head of State

François Hollande (President)
2012 – present
Socialist Party

Head of Government

Jean-Marc Ayrault (Prime Minister)
2012 – present
Socialist Party

Government of France

Socialist Party

Presidential Elections

Last: April 2012
Next: April 2017

Parliamentary Elections

Last: June 2012
Next: June 2017

Current National Assembly (577 total seats)
Socialist Party
280 seats
Parti socialiste (PS)

Union for a Popular Movement
194 seats
Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP)

Miscellaneous Left
22 seats
Divers gauche (DVG)

Europe Ecology – The Greens
17 seats
Europe Écologie – Les Verts (EELV)

Miscellaneous right
15 seats
Divers droite (DVD)

Radical Party of the Left
12 seats
Parti radical de gauche (PRG)

Left Front
10 seats
Front de gauche (FDG)

Radical Party
6 seats
Parti radical (PRV)

Centrist Alliance
2 seats
Alliance centriste (AC)

National Front
2 seats
Front national (FN)

Regionalists and separatists
2 seats

Centre for France
2 seats
Le Centre pour la France (MoDem)

2 seats

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